Base Burners

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Werhle 100

Most sought after stoves in the world! Burns either wood or coal. Note the large lion heads in the four corners of the reflector. Also note the fancy dolphin side wings.

Also available in #14, #16, and #18 (The most saught stove in the world). Call for pricing

Werhle Prosperity


View the eagle on the side wings and the incredible finial. This stove is truly one of the most unique base burners. Extremely rare.

Art Andes


Art Garland 300


Art Stewart

Empire Peninsular


Favorite #40


Favorite #60


Favorite #261

Click here for a side view.



This museum quality stove is extremely rare. It features a piggy back oven and unique front mica doors. NOTE: These doors are completely different from ALL other baseburners featured here. This stove is one of a kind. The stove is as much a collector's item as it is a workable heating stove. The Gurney is one of my top 3 baseburner stoves. See a side view. View the finial.

Imperial Universal #70 and #50

Converted to gas. Note the mica windows on three sides.

Radiant Home #7

This stove has been converted to gas logs. It is set to burn either propane or natural gas. It puts out nearly 30,000 BTU's. Note the 1897 orignal tiles in the front.

Regal Jewell 316

Features a very ornate detailed etching on the body and trim. Stove can convert to burn gas logs.



A true baseburner. This stove has the most nickel trim of any stove I have ever owned. The top of the stove is very unique with mica windows that go all the way up the sides and front to form a rounded top. It would seem the entire stove is ablaze when the fire is going. Throughout my 40 years of selling stoves I have only seen two stoves like this. This stove is really outstanding when converted to gas logs as well.

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